InGaAs and Germanium Photodiodes, PIN, APD, 2-Color Detectors


High Speed InGaAs Photodiodes


Indium gallium arsenide photodiodes are commonly used to detect wavelengths in the NIR range. The benefits of using InGaAs are that it has much higher shunt resistance and lower dark current than germanium, making it ideal for sensitive measurements and other low-noise applications.


  • Chip diameters from 60 μm to 300 μm
  • Spectral response from 850 nm to 1700 nm
  • Low dark current for high sensitivity
  • Low capacitance for high speed (up to 2.5 GHz depending on package)
  • Wide packaging variety: TO packages, fiber pigtails, chip on ceramic submount, and more


  • Optical communication
  • Time-resolved fluorescence measurements
  • LED/LD temporal characterization
  • LiDAR
  • Free Space Optics (FSO)

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